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How Much Does a Tooth Crown Cost In Australia?

Tooth crowns are recommended for a variety of dental issues. It doesn’t matter why you’ve been recommended a tooth crown; it’ll help restore the normal function of your teeth and improve your smile. 

These dental restorations have been used for quite some time now. But if your dentist has recommended a tooth crown, you might be wondering what type of crown is best for me & what is tooth crown cost in Australia. 

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are caps or coverings for teeth badly damaged due to decay or trauma. It can strengthen your existing tooth and restore its normal shape and function. Dental crowns may be made of porcelain, zirconia, E-Max, or metals like gold. 

It does take some time to make them professionally in a dental laboratory. The cost varies depending on the production process and the materials. The dentist could offer you a temporary plastic crown to wear while you wait for your permanent crown.

You may get a tooth crown to:

  • Cover the tooth after root canal treatment. 
  • Protect your weak tooth from fracturing. 
  • Replace a large filling. 
  • Restore a broken tooth. 
  • To replace missing teeth by attaching the bridge.
  • Cover discoloured or crooked teeth. 
  • As a dental implant cover. 

Type of Dental Crowns

There are numerous materials used to create dental crowns. Composite resin, ceramics, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or metal alloys are generally used and matched to your natural teeth colour to cover your teeth. 

The following are four types of tooth crowns: 

  1. All Porcelain Crowns

It is known to be among the most common types of tooth crowns made entirely from porcelain. Although they don’t last as long as metal crowns, all-porcelain crowns are perfect for front teeth restorations.

  1. Metal Crowns 

Metal crowns are the most durable and strong crowns. The most popular metal crowns are gold crowns, which are a combination of metals like copper and nickel. 

  1. Zirconia Crowns

A relatively new substance called Zirconium combines the metal strength with the aesthetic of porcelain to produce tooth-coloured crowns. 

  1. E- Max Crowns

The E-Max crowns are made from a very light and thin substance called lithium disilicate. However, these tooth crowns cost more than all other types of crowns. 

  1. Porcelain Fused-to-Metal Crowns

PFM crowns are also widely used due to their great aesthetics and durability. Plus! They are less costly as compared to porcelain tooth crowns. 

Tooth Crown Cost in Australia 

It is a fact that the cost of dental crowns in Australia is relatively high. It starts from $1,100 for a single crown. However, the cost of your dental restoration process using tooth crowns will depend on your individual needs and the type of crown you’ve picked. 

It is also worth mentioning that it may take two dental visits to get your tooth crown fitted. On the first visit, your dentist will determine if you’re a good candidate and then move forward to prepare your tooth by removing some of the enamel. Your tooth impressions and X-rays will also be taken during the initial visit. 

In the next visit, your dentist will finally place the crowns over your tooth and make sure it’s fitted perfectly. However, your dentist may fir the crown in a single visit. 

Tooth Crowns in Wollongong, NSW, Australia

If you’re looking for the best dental restoration services, such as tooth crowns in Wollongong, NSW, Australia, then look no further. Dentist 4 U has a team of highly skilled dental experts who can transform your smile & offer you the confidence boost you love to have.

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