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Teeth Whitening in Wollongong

A bright, white smile is a surefire way to make a good first impression. Research shows that smiles increase the perception of warmth and competence that an individual possesses, proving that a great smile can really take you far!

Throughout our lives, we engage in several activities that unknowingly contribute to the darkening and staining of our once-white smile. Over time, this change can become quite noticeable and can even bring about feelings of self-consciousness.

With the help of our professional dentist in Wollongong, you can change the look of your smile from drab to fab and get the bright, white teeth you’ve always wanted.

What Causes Tooth Staining?

Before opting for in-office or take-home teeth whitening in Wollongong, it’s important to understand what causes the staining in the first place so you can prevent it from happening again. Some of the most common contributing factors include:

  • Dark foods and beverages like coffee, tea, cranberry juice, and soda
  • Antibiotics, asthma medications, and chemo treatments
  • Tobacco
  • Clenching and grinding
  • Traumatic dental injuries
  • Natural aging

What is Teeth Whitening and How Does It Work?

Our teeth whitening Wollongong process uses a dental-grade whitening product paired with an LED light to activate the product’s bleaching agents and lift dark spots and stains. It is a safe and effective way to make your teeth several shades whiter in just a few sessions.

The whitening gel uses a high-strength hydrogen peroxide that is significantly more powerful than anything found in white strips or products at the store.

When paired with an LED light accelerator, the whitening happens faster and can produce shades up to 40% lighter than non-light activated methods.

Our Teeth Whitening Options: In-Office and Take Home

Our teeth whitening in Wollongong is a non-invasive, comfortable procedure, whether you choose to opt for an in-office or take-home version. While in-office treatments may produce results a bit quicker, at-home results allow for more flexibility to whiten when convenient for you.

The In-Office Treatment

Our in-office whitening treatment system, Pola Office, starts at $550. When you come in for teeth whitening in Wollongong, you’ll be comfortably seated in our exam chair and fitted with protective eyewear.

We’ll polish up your teeth to create a smooth, clean surface and then apply a rubber dam to protect your gums. After that, we apply the Pola Office whitening gel and position the LED light just in front of your mouth.

Take Home Option

We also offer a take-home option that includes custom-fit whitening trays. After consulting and taking the appropriate moulds for the custom trays, you can use the convenient at-home system overnight or during the day, starting at $450.

The process is essentially the same, except you will be administering the gel and setting up a small light on your own.

Whiter Teeth Before You Know It

Sometimes, we don’t realize how stained our teeth have gotten until it’s really bad. Then we’re staring at ourselves in the mirror, wondering what went wrong.

You won’t be able to reverse all the damage with over-the-counter white strips, and natural DIY methods can be harmful. But even the darkest of stains can get lifted and lightened with dental-grade teeth whitening.

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Call us today to schedule a consultation and get a brighter, whiter smile before you know it with teeth whitening. Our experienced dental team of Fairy Meadow dentist and Wollongong dentist are always there to help you with your dental needs.

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