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The Truth About Dental Cleanings: How Often is Too Often?

All About Dental Cleanings

Those who look for an easy way to keep their breath fresh and have a bright smile require regular teeth cleanings. It is worth mentioning that dental cleaning also helps to improve and support the overall health of the body. Although cleaning your teeth is essential, how often you should have them cleaned is a big question.

In this article, we are answering all your questions and more so you can learn everything you want about dental cleaning.

Why is Dental Cleaning Necessary?

Many people may need to learn why teeth cleaning is necessary. The following reasons show why you must visit the dentist twice yearly for dental cleaning.

  • Tooth Loss

You may not realise that failing to get your teeth cleaned correlates with tooth loss. It is devastating and expensive because crowns, dentures, and prosthetic teeth can be costly. So, you can prevent teeth loss by seeing the dentist for teeth cleaning.

  • Tooth Decay

We may notice tooth decay signs when pain and toothaches go untreated. It includes visible holes in the teeth and sensitivity to hot and cold. It is ideal for you not to wait for the decay to be worsened and to visit the dentist for dental cleaning.

  • Toothache

If you have a cavity in any of the teeth, the main reason can be bacteria. Dental cleanings can help treat the cause, and it will be best to do it at a young age.

How Often Do You Need to Get Your Teeth Cleaned?

Most experts recommend getting your teeth cleaned twice a year, but this recommendation applies to those with proper oral hygiene. Those who don’t brush and floss may need to go to the dentist more. Cleaning removes bacteria buildup in teeth and gums, so the bacteria return. If you forgo cleaning, it can cause dangerous bacteria in your mouth.

The buildup of bacteria in your mouth goes through the calcification process. When this happens, removing all the junk in the mouth only with brushing and flossing is impossible. That is why twice a year or more cleanings are necessary to keep the mouth healthy and prevent any future loss.

Which Signs Show that You Need Teeth Cleaning?

  • Bad Breath

Specific chemical reactions between nasty bacteria on the teeth and saliva cause bad breath. When they mix, they release a stinky gas in the mouth. This smell persists even after we brush. The easiest and simplest treatment for bad breath is dental cleaning.

  • Tartar Buildup

When the bacteria is not thoroughly cleaned off the teeth, it calcifies. These are the clear signs of tartar visible on the teeth near the gums. Although it is possible to prevent tartar buildup with regular brushing and flossing, it is a prominent sign that you may need teeth cleaning.

  • Bleeding After Brushing

If you have bacteria buildup, it not only causes tartar but can lead to other serious issues. You can have bleeding gums, which can be the first sign of gingivitis. If you can catch the problem early, you can reverse it with regular teeth cleaning.

Dental Cleanings in Wollongong, NSW, Australia

If you’re wondering how often you should have a dental cleaning, it is better to consult your dentist to keep your teeth healthy. If you are looking for teeth cleaning services near you in Wollongong, NSW, head over to Dentist 4 U. Our team of specialists will work with you on your dental maintenance program for the hygiene visits so that you can have excellent oral health. We also have experienced dentists in Fairy Meadow to serve the community.

To learn more about the teeth cleaning process, contact us or schedule your appointment. We look forward to helping you get the smile of your dreams.

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