The Dangers of Plaque

The Dangers of Plaque

The Dangers of Plaque

We all know about that sticky, slimy and gross substance that grows on our teeth because it happens to everyone and it’s called plaque, but because it happens to everyone people often don’t think of the risks and dangers that plaque can cause if it is ignored.

Your teeth are vital in your daily lives, and you need to protect them, but general care is often overlooked because we tend to take our teeth and gum health for granted. It’s only after something goes wrong that we start to regret not taking proper care of them.

I’m sure you know the basics of what plaque is but just to anyone who doesn’t know plaque is a build-up of bacteria that forms on and around teeth after eating.

Here are just a FEW of the things that can happen if you ignore plaque build up

  1. Cavities

We were warned by our parents as kids about cavities and that if we ate too many lollies or drank too much soft drink that it would rot our teeth, and they were 100% right about this since sugary snacks and drinks cause plaque, and the acid in the plaque melts away the tooth enamel and creates holes in the teeth which what we call cavities.

  1. Gingivitis

How often has your dentist said that your gums wouldn’t bleed if you just flossed once a day? Well turns out they weren’t just saying that as an old joke and taking care of your gums and teeth really will stop your gums from bleeding. Plaque build-up around the tooth also effects other parts of your mouth such as your gums, and this is when you can start to develop gingivitis.

Although it is a treatable and preventable condition it can turn bad if it isn’t treated so if you believe you’re suffering from gingivitis, please contact your dentist and book in for a cleaning.

  1. Root canal

This is the big one right at the end of the road after all the previous conditions have taken effect and your tooth has been damaged to the point of becoming diseased and is in danger of dying, so root canal is a last-ditch effort to save your tooth. It involves a very deep clean under the tooth near the nerves and is costly for those without good health insurance.

Those are just some of the dangers of plaque build-up and to think that daily cleaning and the occasional visit to your dentist for cleaning could prevent any of this from happening.

If you live in the Fairy Meadow area in NSW and are looking for the best-qualified dentist in your area then look no further than Dentist 4 U, we care about our patients here and want nothing but the best for them.

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