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How Often Should You Floss Your Teeth?

Teeth Flossing

While most people understand that they should floss regularly to take care of their teeth, they rarely remember to do so. Regular brushing & flossing are the cornerstones of good dental hygiene and oral health, as we all know.

Yet practice and knowing are two completely different things. Some people may find flossing teeth inconvenient, difficult, or even painful, due to which they may neglect to floss. 

However, it would help if you flossed your teeth daily for optimal oral health. 

Importance of Flossing Teeth 

Flossing helps eliminate plaque and food particles stuck in the difficult-to-reach spaces between your teeth and the gum line.

Toothbrushes can’t effectively clean in between your teeth. Tiny food particles can get stuck between the teeth when chewing. While you can use a toothpick to remove the particles jammed between your teeth, flossing won’t harm your teeth, and the fluoride coating adds a layer of protection.

But remember that just because you can’t feel a piece of food between your teeth after eating doesn’t imply there isn’t something there. Bacteria usually consume fine food particles, which can become stuck between your teeth and harm your teeth. 

Flossing ensures that all of these tiny particles are removed, preventing decay and infection.

How Often Should You Floss Your Teeth?

You only need to floss once every day. Flossing two or three times would be ideal, but it’s unnecessary. Thorough flossing once per day is enough to reap the benefits of flossing.

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends daily flossing or cleaning brushes. Additionally, they advise using fluoride toothpaste and brushing your teeth twice daily for 2 minutes.

It’s up to you when you floss. While some people prefer flossing their teeth before night, many enjoy doing so after lunch. Their teeth are completely cleaned while they sleep at night because they usually have more time then than during the day. But what matters most is you floss your teeth daily.

Proper Flossing Technique

Knowing the proper flossing technique is also essential. To floss your teeth, start by breaking off about a foot of floss, then wrap it around your middle fingers. Take your time between each tooth by moving the floss back and forth with your index fingers. By doing so, you will have the best control over your floss, and you’ll be able to clean your teeth thoroughly.

Should I brush or floss first?

There’s no rule regarding the order of brushing and flossing. The only important thing is to clean your teeth and maintain oral hygiene thoroughly.

There’s no particular order, so you can choose whichever suits you best. However, brushing will help make sure that all food particles are thoroughly swept out of the mouth by the time you’re done cleaning if you first floss and remove them from between your teeth.

Dental Cleaning in Wollongong, NSW

Along with brushing and flossing daily, you should schedule routine dental check-ups to identify the signs of dental problems early on. Dentist 4 U offers the best dental services in Wollongong, NSW, AU. Call today to book your appointment for dental cleaning.

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