Your Step By Step Guide To Flossing Teeth

Your Step By Step Guide To Flossing Teeth

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If you’re not aware of just how important dental flossing is to your oral health, you certainly will know after reading this article. Flossing teeth play an important role in removing stubborn food debris that becomes stuck in teeth after consuming a meal. When food debris becomes stuck, this is a trigger for plaque build-up. Plaque is the first stage of tooth decay and gum disease and it is important your mouth is kept clean to prevent plaque, a yellow sticky pale substance, to form on your teeth.

Flossing your teeth is very simple. If you feel that food debris still remains on your teeth after brushing, pick up your floss film and follow the below step by step guide to flossing your teeth for a clean mouth.

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  • #Step 1 – Tear off 18 to 20 inches of your floss film. This may sound like a lot to floss for a few minutes, but you will need it when wrapping the floss around your fingers to perform the flossing technique.
  • #Step 2 – Wrap the portion of the floss around your thumb and fingers. To do this, wrap the floss once around your index finger (the finger after the thumb) on both hands. To keep the wrap around your index fingers, press your thumb gently down against the finger so it keeps the floss film in place tightly.
  • #Step 3 – Direct the floss film towards your teeth. You can start from the front to the back. Place the floss film gently in between your teeth and gums until it is firmly in the gap. It is important that you don’t press the floss film on your gum.
  • #Step 4 – Turn the floss film around the neck of the tooth so it forms a C-shape. Then, you’re ready to begin moving the floss film and remove debris.
  • #Step 5 – Perform the movement of the floss film in between your teeth side to side, upward and downwards until the food debris is removed between your teeth. You should feel the floss gently rubbing against your teeth as you do this.
  • #Step 6 – Gently lift the floss film out of the gap, and repeat the above steps between the upper and lower arches of the teeth. When moving the floss film into another gap, make sure you re-wrap the floss around your fingers so that you use another part of the film that is clean. Do not reuse floss because it can reintroduce bacteria in the gums.

Flossing Your Teeth With Braces

Flossing teeth is equally as important if you have braces. Food debris is more likely to become stuck in the arches of your teeth and braces. Therefore, its recommended that you follow the below steps to keep food debris away from teeth. Complete these steps day and night.

  • #Step 1 – Tear off 18 to 20 inches of your floss film.
  • #Step 2 – Wrap the portion of the floss around your thumb and finger in the left or right hand. Then, begin to thread the floss film through the wire and then wrap it around the other thumb and finger.
  • #Step 3 – Turn the floss film so it forms a U-shape when flossing the upper arch, and a reverse U shape when flossing the lower arch of your teeth.
  • #Step 4 – Glide the floss gently from side to side then upwards and downwards until the food debris clears from the gap.
  • #Step 5 – Unthread the floss from the wire. To do this, release the floss from one index finger and gently pull the floss film away from the gap.
  • #Step 6 – Perform these steps repeatedly.
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Flossing Is Important…

Your dentist is best placed to tell you which dental floss is right for you because it comes in different varieties, such as ribbon or nylon strand. If you have braces, there is a spongy floss called super flosses that you can use for better comfort and safety.

Knowing how to floss correctly is essential so you’re not doing further damage to your teeth and gums. Follow the above steps gently and safely for a clean and healthy mouth. As part of your check-up and clean appointment, the dentist will always recommend that you floss your teeth every day because if you don’t you’re missing on some important benefits.

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