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What Is No Gap Dental Treatment And How Does It Work?

What is No Gap Dental Treatment

If you’ve come across the phrase ‘no gap dental’, you’re probably circulating the internet trying to understand what it means.

Well, you’ve now stumbled across the right place, where we’ll have the answers to your questions.

So, what does gap-free dental or no gap dental mean?

Gap-free dental or no gap dental is a type of dental cover where the insurer agrees to pay dental costs for certain treatments. This is considered an additional or extra insurance policy where certain dental treatments meet the threshold of what the insurer has agreed to payout. Usually, most dental policies involve the insurer agreeing to pay a significant percentage of costs towards dental treatment that is covered in your policy. 

Any differences between what the insurer pays compared to remaining dental treatment costs is what’s known as ‘the gap’. 

Dental treatment costs are more on the higher side, and sometimes patients struggle to get the treatment they need because they simply cannot afford to pay for the treatment. Gap-free dental or no gap dental allows for patients to get the routine treatment they need at an affordable cost. 

This is a government-approved scheme with an approved list of fees for patients in an insurance policy that ensures you as the patient avoid paying additional charges.  

What Services Are Included In No Gap Dental Treatment?

Popular treatments that cover no gap dental include:

  • Regular dental examinations
  • X-rays (necessary to detect oral cancer signs)
  • Treatment plan (if required)
  • Professional deep scaling and cleaning.
  • Fluoride treatments.
  • Preventative examinations
  • General oral health care

For these treatments, the no gap dental policy ensures that you as a patient will not pay an ‘extra’ expense that you cannot afford for those treatments you receive. 

What Does This Mean For Me As A Patient?

To summarize, clinics that offer gap-free dental or no gap dental mean that the said treatments are more affordable for you. This means that for any treatments that you deem expensive, the gap-free dental policy will support you and your pocket!

Although, it is important to address that there are certain conditions you’ll need to meet with your dental clinic, for example:

  • Ensure you satisfy the insurance criteria
  • The benefits service is not out of date
  • You’re on time in keeping up with insurance payments 

The significant savings you can gain with no gap dental can be the difference for your oral health. If you’re covered, consult your local dentist in Fairy Meadow or a dentist in Wollongong and begin your journey towards a strong and healthy smile!

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