What Is IV Sedation Dentistry?

What Is IV Sedation Dentistry?

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Visiting the dentist can make many people feel anxious for several reasons. As a result, if you don’t visit the dentist regularly due to feeling anxious and scared, then this can have an impact on your oral health because whilst you might be happy looking after your teeth at home, the dentist is more experienced in identifying any dental health concerns in advance. Whilst visiting the dentist is an important part of a strong oral hygiene route, if you’re struggling with dental anxiety, then have you considered IV sedation?

If this is the first that you may have heard about IV sedation, let’s get you up to speed, so you understand what it entails and what it feels like.

What Is IV Sedation?

IV sedation, technically known as Intravenous (IV) sedation, is a type of anesthetic medication used to relax a patient by reducing anxiety and sensitivity during treatment. This means that if you have any needle phobias or are afraid of discomfort, IV sedation will enable you to relax and get through your treatment.

Is IV Sedation Safe To Use?

A dental practitioner administers IV sedation, which is quite safe. A dental office must be board-certified to deliver IV sedation to perform it. If your dentist is trained to administer IV sedation, it is an excellent option to help you cope with any nervous feelings or thoughts.

What Does IV Sedation Feel Like?

IV sedation is administered by a catheter put into a vein. As a patient, you’ll be in a deliberately relaxed condition while the surgery site is numbed to eliminate any feeling or sensation. You’ll start to feel like you’re in a ‘dream-like’ state as a patient, and you won’t remember going to the dentist after it’s all over.

Is IV Sedation Suitable For Everyone?

IV sedation is not something that should be administered to everyone. Although, it is recommended that you speak to your dentist to determine if IV sedation is the right option to help you through dental treatment. Those with severe anxiety may struggle with IV sedation. The dentist can assess if another form of anesthesia works better if you’re not fit for sedation.

What Do I Need To Do For IV Sedation?

IV sedation requires preparation and understanding of how it works. If you’re seeking IV sedation, notify your dentist first before an appointment to feel comfortable with the treatment you’re receiving and that you’re relaxed before visiting the dentist. Dental anxiety is common amongst many patients, and understanding whether it’s the right choice of treatment for you is most important.

Equally, you need to prepare yourself as well. Here are some tips to help.

  • Bring Somebody With You – The medication will persist even after treatment, meaning that you’ll still feel its effects. Therefore, it’s recommended that you don’t drive home yourself. Bring someone with you who can bring you and take you.
  • Stay Rested For 24 Hours – The medication may take up to 24 hours for you to leave your system. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you rest at home and avoid strenuous activity until the medical has completely left your system. A good night’s sleep will likely help.
  • Avoid Alcohol – Do not drink any alcohol whilst the sedation medication persists, as this can cause a bad reaction.

If you’re seeking IV sedation, consult your local dentist to determine if they’re certified to do so. 

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