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What Is A Common Dental Emergency?

patient suffering with a bad bite

When you need to seek immediate care for your oral health, this is what’s known as a dental emergency. Dental emergencies can never be ignored. They require immediate attention from the dentist to avoid the oral health issue becoming worse. Ignoring the issue can weaken your enamel and decay, setting you back a lot of money for restorative treatments.

The single most common oral mistake is for patients to ignore any sort of tooth sensitivity in the hope that the pain goes away. When this happens, the issue may progressively be getting worse. Any sort of pain needs to be addressed as you might need emergency treatment.


So, what constitutes a common dental emergency? Find out below.

A Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth can occur from trauma owing to a physical accident. Once the tooth cracks, the tooth is open to capturing bacteria, leading to severe tooth decay. There is more chance of the tooth being saved if the crack is a lighter crack, and sometimes, root canal treatment can be administered to save the tooth. A deep crack may potentially need a tooth extraction if the bacteria has spread. In the event of a cracked tooth, the dentist will need to be consulted as soon as possible.

A Lost Filling or Crown

Fillings are administered to cover gaps within your teeth formed due to the cavity. The dentist will remove the portion of the affected area and fill the gap. This will help restore strength and prevent decay from re-appearing. Fillings also help to reduce wear-and-tear.

Tooth Trauma

Toothache or trauma can occur almost anywhere. It is the most frustrating emergency as you’re unsure of the cause of it. It may be an issue with your gums or tooth decay. The dentist is best placed to identify the root cause and determine the next treatment steps. Traumas may also occur during a physical accident where the tooth is impacted the most. The dentist will reduce your pain instantly and identify the root cause.

Broken Jaw

The jaw is responsible for the way your mouth functions and whilst it doesn’t always affect teeth, it affects the way you bite and chew and speak. Minor fractures can heal on their own. However severe fractures require emergency treatment. If you’re struggling with jaw stiffness and pain when opening and closing your mouth, it is a sign of a jaw problem.

person with a chipped front tooth

Chipped Teeth

A chipped tooth can occur at any time. If the chip is deep, the dentist will need to be consulted. A deep chip can increase the chances of infection and increase the development of tooth decay. Any broken pieces should be rinsed thoroughly and stored in a moist tub to take to the dentist to see if they can be bonded back together You may also experience trauma. If you do, apply a cold compress to the cheek to reduce the pain. You can always visit a dental emergency for tooth pain.

Never take an emergency for granted. If you’re showing signs of either of these oral health concerns, they are a common dental emergency which you shouldn’t ignore. Therefore, contact our Wollongong Dental team today for emergency treatment now! We also have experienced dentists in Fairy Meadow to serve you.

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