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What Happens During An Invisalign Consultation?

lady wearing invisalign aligners

If you’re seeking treatment to straighten your teeth, then Invisalign could be a great choice out there. In the past, the only option to straighten your teeth was through traditional braces. Today, there is a more transparent choice of treatment that can offer more benefits, and that’s through Invisalign.

At Wollongong dentist, we can offer an Invisalign consultation to boost your smiling confidence with our certified team.

an invisalign consultation at the dentist

What To Expect At An Invisalign Consultation?

Before orthodontic treatment, you must know some key things. And, During your Invisalign consultation, an orthodontic specialist will first examine the state of your teeth to first determine if your oral health is suitable for Invisalign treatment. This is also an opportunity for yourself and the dentist to ask the appropriate questions about treatment, such as any concerns you may have or general questions about the treatment process, cost of invisalign etc.

If your oral health is suitable for Invisalign treatment, then here’s what more you can expect at your consultation.

  • X-Ray Examination – Performing an x-ray gives the orthodontist the chance to examine the health of your root and jawbone.
  • Registering Your Bite – The Orthodontist will determine the biting point of your upper and lower teeth and how they fit together. The orthodontist will apply a fast-setting paste onto the teeth. When biting down on your teeth, the dentist will then make a record of your biting point.
  • Impressions – This is where the orthodontist creates a copy of your teeth. An impression is created by placing a putty in a tray to create an imprint.

a lady smiling wearing invisalign

Get Ready For A Confident Smile

The aligners will have been moulded at the dental office, ready to begin your treatment. The orthodontist will schedule you for your next appointment to get you ready. Your next appointment will involve the dentist discussing how you need to wear and care for your aligners.

Booking in an Invisalign consultation can help you gain an idea as to whether Invisalign treatment is right for you.

If you’re in the process of understanding if Invisalign can help you achieve your oral health goals, contact our professional dentist in Wollongong. We also have experienced and higly qualified dentists in Fairy Meadow to help you.

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