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The Signs You Need A Root Canal

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Pain in the mouth can be caused by many reasons, and it is important to be aware of the nature of the problem. Most who suffer from tooth sensitivity fear that the tooth needs to be extracted. However, that’s not always necessarily the case. The dentist will examine the concern to determine the root cause before deciding whether you need a root canal or another form of treatment.

When the dentist examines the problem and the tooth nerve is still alive and the tooth root isn’t exposed, meaning there are healthy remains of the tooth, the dentist will recommend root canal treatment. It is only in the event of a severely damaged tooth that it would need to be extracted, such as the tooth being broken into two pieces and a dead nerve.

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Here are the root canal signs to be aware of.

Tooth Sensitivity

If any form of debris or particle touches the area of pain, that’s when you experience a sensitive tooth, where the tooth reacts unexpectedly when in contact with something, such as brushing in and around the tooth. There is toothpaste available to limit sensitivity, but this isn’t necessarily the right solution to the root cause.

Cracked Tooth

A minor crack in the tooth can be resolved through a tooth splint. Although, if a cracked tooth extends into the pulp and the tooth root, the dentist will perform root canal treatment to protect the crack from spreading below the gum line. Here is a detailed blogpost on what to do next when you have a cracked tooth.

Gum Swelling

Tenderness in the gum and swelling is a sign that you need root canal treatment. Gum swelling can lead to an infection and inflammation. When this happens, your gums may progressively get worse if not treated, meaning periodontal disease. It can become even worse if plaque builds up on the gum line.

Tooth Discolouration

If your tooth becomes dark in shade whilst your other teeth stay white, a root canal will be considered. This happens when you’ve experienced tooth trauma. This means you’ve suffered from a physical accident, such as an aggressive collision or an unexpected crack when eating foods. This indicates a nerve problem in the tooth. 

patient suffering with tooth sensitivity

Additional Lumps Around The Gums

If you see signs of white or red lumps forming around the gums, this is something called a fistula, similar to a pimple. It is filled with pus that needs draining to avoid it getting worse through an infection.

Root canal treatment is beneficial to your oral health because it saves a tooth instead of extracting it and treatment isn’t very painful. Here is a detailed article on root canal procedure for you. Whilst these signs indicate a recommendation of root canal treatment, it might not necessarily always be the case depending on the issue. The dentist will perform a thorough examination to determine this.

Are you due for a root canal? Are you concerned by any tooth sensitivity and need a second recommendation? Contact us at Wollongong Dentist 4 U right now for an appointment with our Dentist Fairy Meadow and Dentist Wollongong. Click here to get started!

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