The Signs Of Weak Enamel

The Signs Of Weak Enamel

Are you dissatisfied with your smile? Are you wondering how you can restore the whiteness in your teeth? If you’re teeth are showing signs of a different colour, typically a yellow or light brown colour, then this indicates that you’re showing sign of weak enamel.

What is enamel? Its the hardest substance in the body which protects your teeth against decay. Enamel is considered even stronger than bone. Although, in spite of its strength, your mouth goes through a lot every day, and if you don’t look after it, signs of weak enamel will begin to appear.

Signs such as harmful bacteria and everyday acids developing from certain food and drink can be put your enamel at risk. These are ingredients that can come together to weaken and destroy your enamel. The tooth surface becomes soft, and once your enamel is gone, it’ll go for good.

Weak enamel can be strengthened, but the underlying damage cannot be reversed or replaced. Therefore, it is important you take action if you’re showing the below signs of weak enamel as eventually, you’ll need to consult the dentist for emergency treatment.

Tooth Sensitivity

If you’re experiencing increased tooth sensitivity, it is a sign of weak enamel and is one of the more common signs of enamel erosion. This means the protective coating on the front surface of the tooth is wearing away, exposing the softer layer to damage. When you eat hot and cold beverages through the pain, this is another sign.

Rough Edges

Rough edges on your teeth means you’re at risk of acid erosion. The edges of your teeth are no longer smooth and they show off a roudned appearance. This will eventually lead to cracks and chips in your teeth. You’re looking at expensive restorative treatment if this continues.

Yellow Teeth

Nobody likes yellow teeth, but its likely to show on your teeth when your lifestyle contributes to weak enamel. Lifestyle such as the food and drink you consume and poor oral routine steps. When the enamel wears away, the underlying yellow dentin becomes visible, causing the yellow appearance. Your smile will look dull and destroy your smiling confidence.

Fractured Teeth

When the enamel breaks down, not only will rough edges and cracks show on your teeth, further damage can occur owing to fractured teeth. This means your teeth become more susceptible to tooth decay. First, cavities will begin to form, which are small holes that form at the centre of the tooth. In time, the tooth structure will begin to get worse and may require emergency treatment owing to a dead tooth.

How Do I Prevent Weak Enamel?

There are many steps you can take to prevent weak enamel. First of all, what food and drink do you consume on a regular basis? Does your diet contain acids and sugar? If so, you need to reduce this and replace it with plant-based foods alongside consuming calcium and phosphate, because sugar damages your teeth. Calcium and phosphate are two key properties your enamel needs for remineralization.

Besides going to the dentist to fix your enamel, you can try to fix your weak enamel at home too.

You must also ensure that you brush and floss your teeth twice a day. Keeping the mouth clean is essential to avoid bacteria and acidic build-up. For further advice on adopting a strong oral routine for stronger enamel, contact your very own Wollongong dentist, Wollongong Dentist 4 U. Our team of Fairy meadow dentists serve people of all age groups in Fairy Meadow, Wollongong and surrounding areas.

Get started by contacting us right here for a check-up appointment and the very best advice for stronger oral health.

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