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How Long Do Teeth Whitening Last?

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Teeth whitening is, without a doubt, the most popular form of cosmetic treatment. Having a strong, shiny and confident smile is something that most, if not everyone, aspires to have. However, how long does teeth whitening last? It is a popular question because patients want to ensure that they’re getting value for money naturally.

The answer to how long does teeth whitening last is not very easy to answer because many factors lead to this. Ultimately, once you’ve experienced teeth whitening treatment, the onus would be on you to ensure your teeth stay strong and shiny for longer.

Let’s look at the key factors that determine how long teeth whitening lasts.

The Type of Teeth Whitening Treatment

There are many kinds of treatments available to whiten your teeth, not just through visiting the dentist because you now also have DIY teeth whitening products, which are now available at your local drug store. Products such as whitening gels, whitening strips and whitening pens are now locally available. 

Which one is more effective than the others? It depends on your needs. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a short-term fix, you may consider over-the-counter products. Although, one thing to note is that over-the-counter products are cheaper but aren’t designed specifically for you. This means the products are one-size-fits-all. 

With in-office teeth whitening, the treatment is safe because it’s carried out by dental professionals who use proven methods to lighten the shade on your teeth. 

The Foods You Eat

How much are you willing to keep your teeth white? Natural teeth usually become darker because of the food and drink containing chemicals and tannins that cause discolouration. For example, wine, tea, coffee and other dark fluids contain properties that don’t necessarily cater to white teeth. 

As part of strong oral hygiene, consider eating clearer foods and drinking clear fluids such as water. If you’re serious about your smile, ensure that your diet caters to keeping your teeth white.

Your Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is a fundamental part of daily life. If you do not look after your teeth through brushing and flossing, you’re likely to attract bacteria that can coat and darken your teeth. This can form into dental plaque, a substance that can lead to tooth decay as well.


When we age, our oral health naturally degrades, and enamel begins to then out. This means greater exposure of the underlying inner dentin and the yellow colour beginning to show more than usual. Therefore, teeth whitening treatment results may not be as effective for someone older compared to one who’s younger. Although don’t let this put you off!

How Long Does It Take To Whiten Teeth?

In-office teeth whitening treatment performed in a dental clinic involves the dentist using a higher concentration of whitening agent that you’re unlikely to get elsewhere. The agent is also very safe for your teeth. In-office teeth whitening typically takes up to one hour in one appointment. 

At-home teeth whitening strips and over-the-counter products aren’t custom-made to fit your smile. The products also contain lower concentrations of whitening agents, meaning that the results may form quickly, but the results may not last longer than in-office teeth whitening.

In-Office Teeth Whitening vs At-Home Whitening – Which Is Better?

In-office teeth whitening delivers faster results that last longer as well. It is also very safe to perform. Whilst you may experience some sensitivity after treatment, this isn’t expected to last very long. They are more expensive compared to home products, but the teeth whitening cost would be worth providing you look after your teeth through strong oral hygiene.

At-Home whitening products are more affordable, contain less sensitivity and can be performed at home following simple instructions. However, the results may not be as trustworthy and can cause side effects such as gum irritation. You would also need to remember to use the whitening kit daily.

Teeth whitening is worth the money. However, this only depends on the steps you take after you’ve had treatment. Therefore, follow dentist recommendations for a healthy smile for years! If you need any dental help, get in touch with our experienced Wollongong dentists and Fairy Meadow Dentists today!

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