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Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

root canal treatment

In the past, root canal treatment was considered a painful experience, and the thought of a root canal left patients feeling fearful and worried about the pain that comes with it.

It is important to address that the understanding of root canal treatment has been misunderstood for many years now. A stigma has been formed where root canal treatment is considered unsafe and painful, and that it also aids the development of future dental concerns.

Is that what you have heard? If so, let’s address this right here. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that root canal treatment is painful and not useful for your oral health.

root canal treatment at the dentist

In fact, root canal treatment is very useful for your oral health, and here are the reasons why:

  • Repairs teeth that have become badly decayed or infected
  • Removes pain and infection in the mouth
  • Protects the underlying bone density by preserving the tooth root and not removing the tooth altogether
  • Seals the affected area to reduce any further decay
  • Crowning the tooth to reduce discolouration

The misconception that root canal is painful was formed in 1920 and today, content has circulated all over the internet that’s leading people to believe root canal is painful. A dentist named Weston Price came up with this myth and the testing performed for the experiment was deemed inaccurate.

So, Whats The Truth About Root Canal Treatment?

Whilst we can’t prove that the myth formed is untrue, a success rate of 95% along with the experiences of a dentist is good enough to tell you that a root canal is a great choice of treatment, and it actually preserves your oral health, not damage it.

Root canal treatment involves removing the infected bacteria (or pulp) from the affected area, and the inside of the tooth is disinfected, cleaned, and sealed. This is to avoid the tooth becoming further infected.

If you need root canal treatment, here is some helpful professional advice that will help quash the myth and help you understand how important root canal is.

  1. Root Canal Treatment Isn’t Painful – First of all, the purpose of a root canal is to limit pain from the infected or inflamed tooth. During treatment, the dentist will administer anesthetic treatment to numb the affected area. Then, during treatment, the procedure may cause some tingling sensation but will not be painful.
  2. You Will Not Fall Ill – After treatment, whilst there may be some sensitivity, the dentist will manage any soreness for your recovery. This will include such as brushing your teeth gently and the dentist may book further appointments to check on your recovery.
  3. Your Tooth Will Not Be Extracted – If a tooth is infected, tooth extraction treatment will only be considered as a last resort. If your tooth is decayed severely, the endodontist will first check that there is enough health in the tooth for it to be saved. If the tooth is considered dead, it will be extracted as the tooth cannot be used. A root canal helps to preserve your bone density as well as ensure your neighboured teeth remain strong and firm.

It is important not to be misled by the internet if there are articles that suggest root canal is painful, and rely on professional dentists to answer any questions you have. This also goes for root canal treatment. The dentist is best positioned to offer the right information as they only want what’s best for you and your oral health.

If your tooth is infected, it is a sign of root canal treatment and you may be in line for life-changing treatment. Contact us at Wollongong today for an appointment.

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