Do You Need Tooth Extraction Treatment?

Do You Need Tooth Extraction Treatment?

tooth removed through extraction treatment

Sometimes, losing a tooth is necessary to preserve your overall health. The thought of losing a tooth isn’t something many would favour, but in specific cases, the decision is necessary. This depends on the damage that’s occurred in the affected area and the dentist is best placed to make that decision.

So, do you need a tooth extraction? There are certain danger signs that the dentist will be able to recognize and attempt to resolve it before it gets worse.

Common Signs Where Tooth Extraction Treatment Is Needed

Although, in a scenario where the tooth can no longer be used, tooth extraction treatment will be required. The following common signs may indicate that the dentist will need to make a decision as to whether to administer tooth extraction treatment.

impacted tooth

A Severely Decayed Tooth

When a tooth becomes decayed in the pulp, located at the centre of the tooth, tooth extraction treatment will be considered. This is due to built-up bacteria and dental plaque invading the pulp leading to an infection. The tooth will need extracting to block the infection from penetrating in and around your mouth, potentially damaging your neighbouring teeth. Read here to learn how teeth decay.

Overcrowded And Impacted Teeth

When teeth grown abnormally or have caused neighboring teeth to shift into an incorrect position, blocking other teeth from erupting, is what’s called “impacted” teeth. This can cause problems with your bite when chewing down on food, causing wear-and-tear on teeth. The dentist will need to extract them to create space adequately for the upper and lower teeth to fit together.

Tooth Trauma

A physical accident can cause your teeth to go through trauma, where there is an instant impact on your teeth. Suddenly, the tooth can crack, chip, or even fall out of its root. If the majority of the tooth has cracked, there is a danger of further infection to your teeth. To halt this, tooth extraction treatment will be considered.

Periodontal Disease

Gum disease can penetrate the underlying tissue structure and even your bloodstream if it’s not controlled. The alveolar bone can become exposed and increase chances of tooth decay and weakening the bone. Tooth extraction treatment will be the only option should the gum disease progress to an advanced level.

a patient showing signs of gum disease

The dentist will examine the underlying dental concern before determining whether tooth extraction treatment is required. Remember, tooth extraction treatment is a last resort choice if the tooth is beyond repair. The dentist will always seek restorative choices of treatment such as root canal if any remains of the tooth in the root are strong enough. Root canal is a painless form of treatment designed to protect your damaged tooth.

Are you suffering from any of the above signs? You could be in line for tooth extraction treatment if it progressively becomes worse. Therefore, contact us immediately at Wollongong so we can accommodate you as soon as possible. Get started here.

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