Consuming Sugar Damages Your Teeth

Consuming Sugar Damages Your Teeth

Sugar molecules

Are you a big fan of sugar? You’re not alone. Everybody likes to indulge in sugary treats from time to time, but it is important to be aware that there is a limit on the amount of sugar you should consume.

Consuming sugar damages your teeth, it is that simple. The dentist will have made you aware of this when you were younger with kids teeth. There is always a reason behind this, and even as an adult, you need to still be aware of your sugar intake as you get older because sugar damages your teeth.

High-sugar diets can quickly manifest itself to increase your blood glucose levels. Alongside this, consuming high volumes of sugar can result in serious illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Before this happens, you’re damaging your smile if you continuously consume high levels of sugar.

Drinks containing high volumes of sugar

Your Mouth Is Under Constant Pressure

Bacteria live in your mouth all of the time, good and bad. Which is at a higher level is dependent on what you eat. If your mouth contains bad bacteria, your enamel will come under pressure from an acid attack, which removes minerals from the enamel, known as demineralization.

Good bacteria can also penetrate in the mouth, combined with high volumes of saliva to keep your teeth clean. This is what’s known as remineralization. Minerals such as calcium and phosphate help to repair any enamel damage if an acid attack has occurred. As a benefit, you will wear a stronger smile.

What Are The Dangers Of Sugar?

Repeated acid attacks is a sign of weak enamel and can not only cause enamel erosion, but this will weaken it to form a hole in the tooth-root. This is what’s known as a cavity. This can grow bigger as time goes on. When a cavity forms, your tooth is permanently damaged. This doesn’t necessarily mean your tooth isn’t usable, but it will require cosmetic treatment to preserve its health, but your tooth is already at a disadvantage.

Consuming high volumes of sugar damages your teeth but is also linked to gum disease. Whilst it is not exactly the sugar molecules that cause gum disease, its the bad bacteria in the mouth that can cause your gums to recede, meaning your gums are exposed to bacteria penetrating inside. This is a sign of periodontal disease.

Lady brushing her teeth as part of oral health

How Can I Reverse My Oral Health?

If your oral health has taken a turn for the worst due to consuming high levels of sugar, visiting the dentist is one of the key steps you need to take. The dentist is best positioned to determine the state of your oral health and determine the next steps to ensure that your teeth can become stronger. Here are some other recommendations:

  • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristle toothbrush
  • Keep your mouth regularly clean by swishing your mouth with lukewarm water or antibacterial mouthwash
  • Reduce sugar content in your diet. Replace sugar with plant-based foods containing rich sources of calcium and phosphate to strengthen your enamel. Click here to read more about some surprising foods you can eat today for stronger oral health
  • Stimulate your saliva flow by regularly drinking water throughout the day, and eat crunchy vegetables such as celery, broccoli, carrots and apples

It is time that you took care of your oral health. If you’re seeking further advice, why not check yourself in for an appointment with our Wollongong dental team today? It only takes a few minutes. Click here to get started with us today!

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